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Australian Faunal Directory

Search machine

Australian Museum Collection, Marine Invertebrates

Some of the the most common sea urchins are shown

CAAB Search results

Links to taxon reports for more than 200 sea urchins

Deep sea echinoids

Some pictures

Do urchins have any sense?


Duplicates of Robert Márques

General information and duplicates with pictures from the Spanish collector Robert Márques (works at least with IE)


A very nice French site with many pictures.


Japanese site with many field-photos, partly from sea urchins


Website from Dr. Dafni with some information and a lot of good pictures

Website from Bas van der Steld with more than 250 urchins online. Very fine pictures! General information and photos from some other well known collectors.

European Echinodermata Checklist

PDF-file, from Tjärnö Marine Biological Labaratory (TMBL)

Faune marine de Mediterranée

Alphabetic list with links to all kinds of echinoderms


An Online-guide for fishes and reefs, in German

Genetic differentiation in the New Zealand sea urchin Evechinus chloroticus


Hawai´i Coral Reef Network

Very fine field-photos and interesting links

Introduction to the Echinoidea

Only a short introduction

MarBEF Data System

With many links to marine life in European waters

Marine biology

A lot of very fine field-photos!

MarLIN, the Marine Life Information Network for Britain & Ireland


MBari Deep Sea Echinoids

Some nice field-photos


A lot of field-photos with links to further information (in German)


Belgian seller. Have a look from time to time, as interesting urchins may be quickly out of stock!


Seller, offers some sea urchins for reasonable prices

Ocean Biogeographic Information System

OBIS, a search-engine with good taxa information. More or less restricted to America.

Ocean Footage

Some field-photos

Sea urchin embryology

With good information

Sea urchin embryology tutorial

Basically for students, but the information are also useful for collectors.

Sea urchin world records

Information concerning the biggest, the smallest etc. sea urchins. Very interesting!

Sea urchins, a tasty subject

General information with nice pictures from Reefkeeping


Arbre taxinomique des principaux genres d´oursins fossiles et actuels.

Taxonomie browser

From National Center of Biotechnology Information (NCBI), USA

The Echinoid Directory

The echinoid bible! A must for every collector! If you have useful information or pictures, give them to Dr. A. B. Smith from the Natural Historic Museum

Tests and cross-sections of sea urchin spines

With some nice pictures

Urchins I

Website with nice pictures from Wetwebmedia and descriptions of some species

Urchins II

Website with nice pictures from wetwebmedia and descriptions of some species

World Echinoidea Database

Taxonomy search-engine with links to concerned literature. Very useful!

Facts about the books „Sea Urchins, a guide to worldwide shallow water species“ and “Sea urchins II, worldwide irregular deep water species” by Heinke Schultz. Probably the best books on the market after Mortensen!