Histocidaris formosa Mortensen 1928

Family: Histocidaridae

Order: Cidaroida

Locality: East China Sea, 2008

Dimensions: 71 x 51 mm

I got this specimen from China without taxon, but it seems to fit well with the description given by
Th. Mortensen (in Cidaroidea, p. 94 ff) for Histocidaris formosa .


Some features: Areoles confluent, exept the upper 2-3, and broad transversely oval. Pores separated by a slightly elevated wall. Number of plates in the interambulacra 10. Oculars all widely exsert and notched on the outside. Genital openings great as from a female specimen and together with the accompanying tubercles in good coincidence with the right figure from Mortensen. Colour of the skin brownish, of the denuded test white or creamy. Although Mortensen and the Echinoid Directory limit this species to the Kei Islands , it is easily possible, that there is also an occurrence in the China Sea .

See also another slightly deformed specimen.